Hey this is a shared blog, Our name are Kynan 15 year old boy and Addie 17 year old girl. We live in Perth Australia and we both love music so this is our music blog. Hope you enjoy and feel free to ask anything :)Online [x] Offline [] Post Limit []

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Austin’s arms hot damn
~band blog~

That’s defiantly Mitch, you can see he has the owl tattoo, know your frontmen.

Lol sorry for the people saying this is Mitch, I made this gif and it is most definitely Austin Squidgy Falallalala Carlile.

the geisha tattoo proves that it’s Austin :P

^exactly. And um I made this gif and the video is from the 2013 ADTR/OM&M tour so maybe you should get to know your frontmen ;)

Mitch has the black blocks tattooed across his fingers. Austin didn’t. This is Austin

The Amity Affliction - Open Letter
    Evil Anime Smiley